Seth Green

Ón Vicipéid, an chiclipéid shaor.
Seth Green
Ainm breithe Seth Benjamin Gesshel-Green
Breith 8 Feabhra 1974
  Overbrook Park, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Náisiúntacht Meiriceánach
Gairm Aisteoir
Gníomhach 1984 – inniu
Céile Clare Grant (p. 2010)

Is aisteoir, scríbhneoir, stiúrthóir, léiritheoir, agus aisteoir glór Meiriceánach é Seth Green, a rugadh ar an 8 Feabhra 1974. Bhí príomhpháirt aige ar na sraithe teilifíse Family Guy, mar carachtar Chris Griffin. Tá sé ina chónaí i Los Angeles, California faoi láthair.

Scannánaíocht agus scannánliosta[athraigh | athraigh vicithéacs]

Scannánliosta[athraigh | athraigh vicithéacs]

Film[athraigh | athraigh vicithéacs]

Bliain Teideal Ról Nótaí
1984 Billions for Boris Benjamin 'Ape-Face' Andrews
1984 The Hotel New Hampshire 'Egg' Berry
1986 Willy/Milly Malcolm
1987 Radio Days Joe
1987 Can't Buy Me Love Chuckie Miller
1988 Big Business Jason
1988 My Stepmother Is an Alien Fred Glass
1990 Missing Parents Leo
1990 Pump Up the Volume Joey
1990 It Richie Tozier
1991 Our Shining Moment Wheels
1992 The Double 0 Kid Chip
1993 Ticks Tyler Burns
1993 Arcade Stilts
1993 Airborne Wiley
1993 The Day My Parents Ran Away Leo
1995 Notes from Underground Punk Neighbor
1995 White Man's Burden 3rd Youth at Hot Dog Stand
1996 To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday Danny Green
1997 Boys Life 2 Homophobe 2 Segment: "Nunzio's Second Cousin"
1997 Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery Scott Evil
1998 Can't Hardly Wait Kenny Fisher
1998 Enemy of the State Selby Uncredited role[1]
1999 Idle Hands Mick
1999 Stonebrook Cornelius
1999 Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me Scott Evil
2001 Rock Star 101 Le'Von Short film
2001 The Trumpet of the Swan Boyd Voice role
2001 The Attic Expeditions Douglas
2001 Josie and the Pussycats Travis (Du Jour ball banna)
2001 America's Sweethearts Danny Wax
2001 Rat Race Duane Cody
2001 Knockaround Guys Johnny Marbles
2002 Austin Powers in Goldmember Scott Evil
2003 Party Monster James St. James
2003 The Italian Job Lyle (a.k.a. "Napster")
2004 Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed Patrick Wisely
2004 Without a Paddle Dan Mott
2005 Be Cool Shotgun (Léiritheoir físeáin cheoil) Uncredited roleTeimpléad:Citation needed
2005 Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story Chris Griffin, guthanna éagsúla
2005 The Best Man Murray
2006 Electric Apricot: Quest for Festeroo Jonah "the taper guy"
2006 The TV Set Slut Wars Host
2008 Sex Drive Ezekiel
2009 Old Dogs Craig White
2011 Mars Needs Moms Milo Motion capture
2011 The Story of Luke Zack
2013 Sexy Evil Genius Zachary Newman
2013 I Know That Voice é féin Clár faisnéise
2014 Guardians of the Galaxy Howard the Duck Uncredited voice cameo[2]
2014 The Identical Dino
2014 Yellowbird Yellowbird Voice
2015 Wrestling Isn't Wrestling DX Fan Short film
2015 Krampus Lumpy (in-suit performer)
2016 Holidays Pete Gunderson
2017 The Lego Batman Movie King Kong Voice[3]
2017 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Howard the Duck Voice
2017 A Futile and Stupid Gesture Christopher Guest Post-production
2017 Coup d'Etat Dr. Charles Seaver Post-production
TBA Changeland[4] Filming, directorial debut

Teilifís[athraigh | athraigh vicithéacs]

Bliain Teideal Ról Nótaí
1984 Young People's Specials Charlie Eipeasóid: "Charlie's Christmas Secret"
1985 ABC Afterschool Special Tommy Sanders Eipeasóid: "I Want to Go Home"
1985 Tales from the Darkside Timmy Eipeasóid: "Monsters in My Room"
1986 Amazing Stories Lance Eipeasóid: "The Sitter"
1986 Spenser: For Hire Andy Chandler Eipeasóid: "The Hopes and Fears"
1988 The Facts of Life Adam Brinkerhoff 2 eipeasóidí
1989 Free Spirit Joey Eipeasóid: "Too Much of a Good Thing"
1989 Mr. Belvedere Louis 2 eipeasóidí: "Big", "Paper Mill"
1990 Life Goes On William Butler 2 eipeasóidí: "The Spring Fling", "The Visitor"
1990 It Young Richie Tozier (Beep Beep Richie) 2 eipeasóidí
1991 Good & Evil David 6 eipeasóidí
1992 Evening Shade Larry Phipps Eipeasóid: "Hasta la Vista"
1992 The Wonder Years Jimmy Donnelly 2 eipeasóidí
1992 Batman: The Animated Series Wizard (guth) Eipeasóid: "I Am the Night"
1993 Beverly Hills, 90210 Wayne Eipeasóid: "The Game Is Chicken"
1993 The X-Files Emil Eipeasóid: "Deep Throat"
1993 seaQuest DSV Mark "Wolfman" Eipeasóid: "Photon Bullet"
1994 The Byrds of Paradise Harry Byrd 8 eipeasóidí
1994 Weird Science Lubec Eipeasóid: "Lisa's Virus"
1995 Haunted Lives: True Ghost Stories Termite Mionsraith
1995 Step by Step Danny Eipeasóid: "Head of the Class"
1996 Something So Right Napoleon Eipeasóid: "Pilot"
1997 Pearl Bob Eipeasóid: "Mission ImPearlsible"
1997 Mad About You Bobby Rubenfeld Eipeasóid: "Guardianhood"
1997 The Drew Carey Show The MC Eipeasóid: "That Thing You Don't"
1997 Temporarily Yours David Silver 6 eipeasóidí
1997–2000 Buffy the Vampire Slayer Daniel "Oz" Osbourne 39 eipeasóidí
1998 Cybill Jaybo Eipeasóid: "Cybill Sheridan's Day Off"
1999–2003, 2005–present Family Guy Chris Griffin, Neil Goldman, Guthanna éagsúla Main role
1999 Angel Daniel "Oz" Osbourne Eipeasóid: "In the Dark"
1999 Saturday Night Live Himself Eipeasóid: "Sarah Michelle Gellar/Backstreet Boys"
1999–2000 Batman Beyond Nelson Nash, Dempsey, Blade's Boyfriend (guth) 8 eipeasóidí
1999–2000 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd Eddie McDowd (guth) 13 eipeasóidí
2000–2005 MADtv Brightling 4 eipeasóidí
2000 Tucker Himself 3 eipeasóidí
2002 Greg the Bunny Jimmy Bender 13 eipeasóidí
2002 Whatever Happened to Robot Jones? Guthanna éagsúla 4 eipeasóidí
2003–2004 That '70s Show Mitch Miller 5 eipeasóidí
2003 Aqua Teen Hunger Force Himself (guth) Eipeasóid: "The Dressing"
2005 Punk'd Himself Eipeasóid: "1.5"
2004 Married to the Kellys Dr. Jim Coglan Eipeasóid: "A Portrait of Susan"
2004, 2007 Crank Yankers Russel (guth) 2 eipeasóidí
2004 Sesame Street Vinny Episode 4074
2005 Will & Grace Randall Finn Eipeasóid: "Friends with Benefits"
2005–2009 American Dad! Guthanna éagsúla 3 eipeasóidí
2005–present Robot Chicken Guthanna éagsúla Also co-creator, director, writer, executive producer
2006 Four Kings Barry 13 eipeasóidí
2006 Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide Dog (guth) Eipeasóid: "Guide to April Fool's Day and Excuses"
2006 The Secret Policeman's Ball Private Parts, Mt. Pink Special
2006–2008 Entourage Himself 3 eipeasóidí
2007 Grey's Anatomy Nick 2 eipeasóidí: "Season 4, Episode 9 and 10", "Crash Into Me"
2007 Robot Chicken: Star Wars Guthanna éagsúla Special
2008 Reno 911! Rick the Manager Eipeasóid: "Undercover at Burger Cousin"
2008 My Name Is Earl Buddy Eipeasóid: "The Magic Hour"
2008 Heroes Sam 2 eipeasóidí
2008, 2009 Seth MacFarlane's Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy Guthanna éagsúla 3 eipeasóidí
2008 Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II Guthanna éagsúla Special
2009, 2014 WWE Raw Host Special
2009–2010 Star Wars: The Clone Wars Todo 360, Ion Papanoida (guth) 4 eipeasóidí
2009 Titan Maximum Guthanna éagsúla 9 eipeasóidí; also executive producer
2009 The Cleveland Show Chris Griffin (guth) 2 eipeasóidí
2009 The Venture Brothers Lance Hale (guth) Eipeasóid: "Self-Medication"
2010 Warren The Ape Himself Eipeasóid: "Amends"
2010 Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode III Guthanna éagsúla Special
2011, 2013 MAD Guthanna éagsúla 3 eipeasóidí
2011 Delete Lucifer 2 eipeasóidí
2012–2014 Phineas and Ferb Monty Monogram (guth) 5 eipeasóidí
2012 Franklin and Bash Jango Eipeasóid: "Jango and Rossi"
2012 Dan Vs. Ahkenrah (guth) Eipeasóid: "The Mummy"
2012 How I Met Your Mother Daryl LaCorte Eipeasóid: "The Final Page"
2012, 2013 Holliston Gustavo 2 eipeasóidí
2012 Comedy Central Roast of Roseanne Barr Roaster Special
2012 Robot Chicken DC Comics Special Guthanna éagsúla Special
2013 Conan Conan O'Brien Eipeasóid: "Occupy Conan: When Outsourcing Goes Too Far"
2013 Men at Work Homeless Guy Eipeasóid: "Will Work for Milo"
2013–2014 Dads Eli Sachs 18 eipeasóidí
2013–2015 Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. Rick Jones/A-Bomb, Rocket Raccoon (voices) Main role
2013 Mom Paul Solman Eipeasóid: "Corned Beef and Handcuffs"
2013 Husbands The Officiant Eipeasóid: "I Do Over"
2014 Avengers Assemble Rocket Raccoon (guth) Eipeasóid: "Guardians and Space Knights"
2014–present Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leonardo, Sir George, Triceraton (guth) Main role (season 3–present)
2015 Community Scrunch (Tech Billionaire/Greendale Community College Owner)[5] Eipeasóid: "Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television"
2016 Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade Squint (guth) Special
2016 Castle Linus (guth) Uncredited; 2 eipeasóidí
2016 Broad City Jared 2 eipeasóidí
2016 The Loud House Loki Eipeasóid: "One of the Boys"
2016 Mary + Jane Toby Eipeasóid: "Neighborhood Watch"
2017 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Patrick Eipeasóid: "Is Josh Free in Two Weeks?"
2017 The Simpsons Robot Chicken Nerd (guth) Eipeasóid: "The Cad and the Hat"
2017 Buddy Thunderstruck Executive producer

An gréasán[athraigh | athraigh vicithéacs]

Bliain Teideal Ról Nótaí
2010 Team Unicorn: G33K & G4M3R Girls Himself
2012 Saber 2: The Body Wash Strikes Back Director
2013–present Tabletop Himself 2 eipeasóidí: "Star Wars: X-Wing," "Libertalia"
2015 Con Man Casey Eipeasóid: "Thank You for Your Service"
2015–present SuperMansion Carachtair éagsúla (guth) Also executive producer
2016–present Camp WWE Producer [6]

Físchluichí[athraigh | athraigh vicithéacs]

Bliain Teideal Ról Nótaí 1992 Make My Video Ball banna
1994 Playtoons Sneetches, Peter T. Hooper, Crowd #1 "Uncle Archibald", "The Secret of the Castle"
1994 Storybook Weaver Carachtair éagsúla
2004 Storybook Weaver Deluxe Carachtair éagsúla
2006 Family Guy Video Game! Chris Griffin
2007 Mass Effect Flight Lieutenant Jeff 'Joker' Moreau Guth agus macasamhail
2010 Mass Effect 2 Flight Lieutenant Jeff 'Joker' Moreau Guth agus macasamhail
2012 Mass Effect 3 Flight Lieutenant Jeff 'Joker' Moreau Guth agus macasamhail
2012 Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse Chris Griffin
2014 Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff Chris Griffin
2014 Watch Dogs Bobby Ames
2016 Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Poindexter
2016 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Portal Power Leonardo

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