Babez for Breakfast

Ón Vicipéid, an chiclipéid shaor.
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Babez for Breakfast
Albam le Lordi
Seolta 10 Meán Fómhair, 2010
Stíl Miotal trom
Lipéad Sony BMG
Léiritheoir Michael Wagener
Albaim eile le Lordi

Is albam leis an racghrúpa Fionlannach Lordi é Babez for Breakfast. Scaoileadh é ar an 10 Meán Fómhair, 2010.

Clár[cuir in eagar | athraigh foinse]

  1. SCG5: It's a Boy!
  2. Babez for Breakfast
  3. This Is Heavy Metal
  4. Rock Police
  5. Discoevil
  6. Call Off the Wedding
  7. I Am Bigger Than You
  8. ZombieRawkMachine
  9. Midnite Lover
  10. Give Your Life for Rock and Roll
  11. Nonstop Nite
  12. Amen's Lament to Ra
  13. Loud and Loaded
  14. Granny's Gone Crazy
  15. Devil's Lullaby
  16. Lord Have Mercy
  17. Studs 'n' Leather

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