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Ón Vicipéid, an chiclipéid shaor.

Go ndéana a mhaith duit, a Phicapica! Measaím go bhfuil na iontrálacha tíreolaíochta seo níos easca a líonadh le sonraí cearta.

Thank you, GB. If I understand you correctly, yes, that was my intention. If anyone would like to start up a few more country articles, even if it's only a stub-type sentence or two to begin with, I'd be happy to do the tables. (Sorry for all the Béarla, btw. Gabh mo leithscéal, but it's late, tá tuirse orm, and I don't want to show myself up!) -- Picapica 21:29, 25 Iúi 2004 (UTC)

GlobalWPSearch[athraigh foinse]

Sorry, G. I'd like to help ...if I only understood what all that is about! Looks well above my level of technical competence, in any case... -- Picapica 14:40, 22 Aib 2005 (UTC)

Formatting date categores[athraigh foinse]

A Phicaphica, a chara, For articles in Rang:Dátaí, please use the format "Rang:Dátaí|0301" for March 1st, etc., so that the dates appear chronologically (rather than alphabetically by month and then numberically by first digit of the day, which isn't helpful) when viewing the category's page. Thanks! --Angr/(comhrá) 19:42, 4 Bea 2005 (UTC)

Have just noticed that I haven't been logged in, so have only just seen your message, A. -- My computer does that to me sometimes :(
I understand your logic perfectly (though I would have appreciated it if you had mentioned what you find helpful before making the changes you have). Since what is useful to me -- at this midpoint in my project -- is to continue to have available to me the categorization scheme I started with, I am adding Rang:Míonna to the days-of-the-year articles. -- Picapica 21:49, 4 Bea 2005 (UTC)

A Phicapica, féach ar Vicipéid:Halla baile. Táimíd ag socrú don míliú alt sa Vicipéid Gaeilge - an bhfuil tuairim agat faoin alt sin? --Gabriel Beecham 22:42, 16 Mei 2005 (UTC)

Global WP Search[athraigh foinse]

I was reading your talk page... If we need to make a template, I'll be more than happy to help with the technical part. Someone just needs to translate! I'll put the template at Múnla:Ag an gCommons. Feel free to suggest language. Basteagh 00:22, 26 Mei 2005 (UTC)

Done/Déanta. Others, please check mo chuid Gaeilge!
While we're on technical questions, a Bhaistigh, I wonder if you could shed a little light on the question of uploading images (I'm an ignoramus in these matters). I feel that an Vicipéid is sorely deficient in illustrations at present. I notice, though, that none of the image pages I've looked at -- e.g. picture, left
Turas teanga montage.jpg
-- seem to have the free-to-use declarations of the sort I'm used to from the English-language and other Wikipedias. Is it OK simply to download an image from another-language Wp and then upload it to ga: with a straight statement of where it came from? -- Picapica 14:08, 26 Mei 2005 (UTC)
Anything that constitues "Fair Use" in languages cannot be uploaded to Commons:, therefore, yes, download to your local drive and upload it here. Let me preface that by saying you should try to maintain the original image rather than translate it for when and if the license does become available. Basteagh 15:16, 26 Mei 2005 (UTC)
GRMA, a Bh. -- but I'm a little perplexed by "anything... ...cannot" (Anything that constitues "Fair Use" in languages cannot be uploaded to Commons:).
Did you mean to say that anything that constitutes Fair Use in other languages can be uploaded to Commons, or that Not everything that constitutes Fair Use in other languages can be uploaded to Commons? -- Picapica 15:25, 26 Mei 2005 (UTC)
Nothing that constitutes "fair use" in any language may be uploaded to Commons. Everything on Commons must be Public Domain, GFDL, or Copyright usable. Basteagh 16:21, 26 Mei 2005 (UTC)
OK, I get it.
An Vicipéid seems to be throwing one of its periodic WikiWobblies at the moment, BTW (on this side of the pond, at least), so this is perhaps cyberspace's way of telling of me that now would be a good time to take a stroll down to an teach tábhairne... Beir bua! -- Picapica 16:31, 26 Mei 2005 (UTC)

Féilire[athraigh foinse]

Hi Picapica - I hope you don't mind if I change the calendars back to the template. It would only be once a year we would have to change the dates (and not by much). With the template, if someone goes to say "14 Márta", that date will be in bold, with links to the other days.

(1) There already was a template for each month, with links which did exactly what you say, so I'm not too sure why you want this different one...?
(2) The altered template which recently appeared
(a) doesn't look very nice -- OK, that's just my taste, but much more importantly
(b) it's an American calendar: starts each week on Sunday, when, even supposing we need to have a "this year's calendar" here, Day 1 = Monday is the European standard
There's undoubtedly a place for a "this year's calendar in Irish" somewhere in an Vicipéid, but is it here, on the pages intended to give some general background information for each month, plus a "tabular index" for particular days in it? Personally, I find it a lot easier when doing calendar work to know that each line begins 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 rather than have to scan the box -- as with much of the "new-style" graphics that seems to be flooding into the Wikipedias it seems to be fashionable now to make everything as tiny as possible :(
There's no reason, anyway, why templates for the days-in-the-month as index and days-in-the-month as calendar can't co-exist if you want to do a this-year's calendar as such.
I'm also uncomfortable with having apparently uneditable things like ((Márta((CURRENTYEAR)))) - replace brackets with curly brackets - appear in what I write...! -- Picapica 16:54, 28 Mei 2005 (UTC)
OK I see that the old calendar does the same but
(a) The HTML table looks out of place and the DIV and new calendar style suits Wikipedia
(b) That's no problem! All we have to do is move everything forward by one!
At the minute, it's impossible to say what day it is of each year - all the current calendar is shows us the dates.
The {{Márta2023 thing is simple enough. That points to Múnla:Márta2005 - (using curly brackets because it's a template, and CURRENTYEAR so we know it's 2005. This in turn links to Múnla:Márta2005Foinse.

Conchúr 04:54, 29 Mei 2005 (UTC)

I understand what you're saying, but -- to take one example -- the page "Meitheamh" is not intended to be a leaf out of this year's calendar: it's meant to be an article about the month of June, covering such things as origin of the name, traditions associated with the month, climate and weather patterns, an appropriate image, etc. etc. I know it's all a bit vestigial at the moment, but that's what I hope the month articles will eventually become.
What "looks out of place" and what "suits Wikipedia" are, of course, matters of opinion. And as for what the divil DIV may be when it's at home... I fear the techies are taking over the asylum: at least we old-time lunatics have been trying to add some content...
I'd like to know how you get from curly ((Márta((CURRENTYEAR)))) to "Múnla:Márta2005Foinse". In other words: cad é foinse na Foinse? Where is this documented? At least with HTML we old fogies had some chance of contributing in true Wiki fashion.
And why, when we go to Múnla:Márta2005Foinse, are we presented with a monstrosity that does not seem to be necessary at, to take a few examples,
pt:Predefinição:Calendário de Junho
all of which produce month blocks with the latest fashionable "look" which I can, nevertheless, edit.
Though just what is wrong with the "look" of, e.g., fr:Juin and its template fr:Modèle:Juin I don't know! -- Picapica 12:09, 29 Mei 2005 (UTC)
OK We can of course, leave out the year, and have it just as a notation of the days, like the way it is in yours. We can change the Irish one to any of the list of ones you posted (so that it retains the "look", but is editable) Or we can change it to the French way (it wasn't the colours or anything I don't like - it's the ugly border lines) How's this: Conchúr 14:18, 29 Mei 2005 (UTC)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
8 9 10 11 12 13 14
15 16 17 18 19 20 21
22 23 24 25 26 27 28
29 30 31        

Thanks for the positive thinking -- I think we may eventually be able to concur, a Chonchúir. (I'll have at look at some of the other wikipedias when I've more time this evening, and come back with some more proposals.) -- Picapica 15:09, 29 Mei 2005 (UTC)
Well, after giving it a good deal of thought – and playing in the sandbox with various combinations of the Icelandic, Polish, and Turkish templates – in the end I've come round to your way of thinking, Conchúr, regarding the usefulness of showing the current calendar on the individual month pages (why not, after all?), and I'd like to propose the pattern shown here for the month templates. It aims to reflect the "new look" while trying to avoid the "squashed-up" appearance that can often arise as a result of it. If you've no objections, I'll go ahead and make 12 new templates on this pattern. -- Picapica 10:06, 30 Mei 2005 (UTC)
 <<           Iúil           >> 
Lu Ao Sa Do
1 2 3
4 5 6 7 8 9 10
11 12 13 14 15 16 17
18 19 20 21 22 23 24
25 26 27 28 29 30 31
That looks great! (Although there's a problem with the back and forward links in that example) Togha fir! Conchúr 15:32, 30 Mei 2005 (UTC)
Yes, you will detect that I got some sand in the works (after playing around with Feabhra originally)..! -- Picapica 15:45, 30 Mei 2005 (UTC)
That damned sandbox! Always gets sand everywhere! If you do the first half of the year, I'll do the second - to cut out work for you Conchúr 18:09, 30 Mei 2005 (UTC)
OK, months 1-6 are done.
Having shed a tear or two for my dear old "ugly border-lined" boxes (sniff!), I think I'll press on now that I'm in the swing of it, Conchúr, though your kind offer was very much appreciated... -- Picapica 22:25, 30 Mei 2005 (UTC)
Míonna 7-12 now done too. Aire roimh meancóga! -- Picapica 23:08, 30 Mei 2005 (UTC)
They look great! Togha fir! I'll check for meancóga Conchúr 11:40, 1 Iúi 2005 (UTC)

Whoever it was above who said that the calendar format was "American" because it went from Sunday-to-Saturday and that "European" calendars always go from Monday-to-Sunday was incorrect and unsubstantiated. (European practice is not uniform.) The cultural convention here is Sunday-to-Saturday. This is what has been recorded in the CLDR (Cultural Locale Data Repository) by NSAI's subcommittee that deals with these matters. That means that Apple and Microsoft and Linux implementations will default to that for Irish. We really ought to revert to the previous format. Further, the short date formats are incorrect. In that sort of calendar presentation, only single letters D L M C D A S. Fixed-width two- or three-letter abbreviations are not appropriate for Irish, and there is a longer variable-width format for those. In any case we should revert to D-S, as L-D is not the norm here. Evertype 09:39, 3 Iúi 2005 (UTC)

Maidir le Microsoft, tá an leagan Gaeilge den chlár agam agus ar an fhéilire sin, tosaíonn sé ar an Luan, agus críochnaíonn ar an Domhnach.... 10:35, 3 Iúi 2005 (UTC)
Well, first of all, E., no-one said that "European" calendars always go from Monday-to-Sunday. What was said was:
Day 1 = Monday is the European standard.
This is part of EuroNorm EN 28601, adopted by Ireland in 1993. This norm incorporates international standard ISO-8601 which, amongst other things lays down that Monday shall be the first day of the week.
In any case, what Apple and Microsoft and other American companies choose to do is, to me, less relevant than the facts that
1) Vicipéid is intended to be a work of general reference, not a computer handbook;
2) Ireland is in Europe, where Day 1 (Monday) to Day 7 (Sunday) is the overwhelming convention (so much so that at my work, where we deal with companies all over Europe, we always discard American-layout calendars because they can too easily lead to mistakes).
Just do a search for "European calendar layout". You will find plenty of references like this (from Adobe):
Create calendars where you determine starting month, year, number of months, font, and sizes. ---- This version is made for European calendar layout where Monday is the first day of the week. Use the North American version for Sunday as the first day of the week.
I can, BTW, find no reference anywhere to a "Cultural Locale Data Repository" (might you mean Unicode's Common Locale Data Repository?)
We really ought to revert to the previous format.
If you had really been following this question, you would know that there were no previous curent-calendar templates covering the whole of the year: the original format was 1-28/31 with no indication of the days of the week.
As to Lu, Má, Cé etc. I don't see how you can object to these on anything but on the grounds of your own personal taste. They are the norm for European Wikipedias, I like the look of them (that's my personal taste, of course) and I even think they help the learner (I've been one long enough myself...!): once again, a part aim, at least, of Vicipéid, surely? -- Picapica 11:02, 3 Iúi 2005 (UTC)
Agus, go raibh maith agat, a -- Picapica 11:02, 3 Iúi 2005 (UTC)

Acht an Aontais[athraigh foinse]

Ní earráid é Acht an Aontais. Tá an nath sin i bhfad níos minicí sa lá atá inniú ann - mar shampla, tá sé sa Foclóir Staire de chuid an Choiste Téarmaíochta - [1]. D'fhoilsíodh an tAcht um Athchóiriú an Dlí Reachtúil roimh a fhoilsíodh an Foclóir sin, agus is dócha go úsáidfeadh an Rannóg Aistriúcháin an téarma sin i láthair na huaire. Agus, ar ndóigh, níor fhoilsíodh an tAcht é féin as Gaeilge... --Gabriel Beecham 3 Iúil 2005 22:51 (UTC)

Bhuel, is feidir go raibh dul amú ar thiomsaitheoirí an Foclóra Staire sin..! Ní comhchiallaigh, ar aon chaoi, na focail aontas agus aontacht (nó aondacht) iad. Tagann aontas (an stáid) as aontacht (an toisc).
Is cinnte go úsáidtear "Acht na hAondachta" freisin, m. sh.: Chuir Acht na hAondachta deireadh leis an bParlaimint seo go foirmeálta ar an 1 Eanáir 1801 - Proinsias Mac Aonghusa, Feasta (IV.2003). Ach ní fheicim "Acht an Aontais" lasmuigh den Vicipéid.
Is fearr liom "an tAcht Aontachta" mar gheall ar úsáid na focail seo san tAcht um Athchóiriú an Dlí Reachtúil, 1983 [[2]]. Agus tá cead ag acht nua ón Oireachtas amhain athrú a dhéanamh orthu... -- Picapica 7 Iúil 2005 11:20 (UTC)
Tuigim. Ach bhíodh mé cinnte gurb é "Acht an Aontais" an nath atá in úsáid sa teanga cainte (i dtéacsleabhair srl). Glacaim leis an nós sin go bhfuil an bunús dlíthiúil ag "an tAcht Aontachta" nó "Acht na hAontachta", ach scrúdfaidh mé téacsleabhar éigin - b'fhéidir gur féidir "Acht an Aontais" a thabhairt mar fo-ainm san alt é féin, in éineacht leis an ceann dlíthiúil. --Gabriel Beecham 00:06, 15 Iúil 2005 (UTC)Reply[reply]