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Íomhánna[athraigh foinse]

Haigh, a Bhriain. Go raibh maith agat as do chuid iarrachtaí ar an tionscadal seo. Tá go leor íomhánna "uaslódáiltha" agat le déanaí áfach, agus níl foinse le fáil d'aon cheann acu.

Mar shampla, an cheann atá churtha isteach níos déarnaí: Íomhá:Enyadeas1.jpg. Níl aon foinse, stádas cóipcheart, nó aon eolas eile churtha isteach agat.

This is not appropriate. Before uploading any image, our policies expect that:

  • You own the rights to the image (usually meaning that you created the image yourself).
  • You can prove that the copyright holder has licensed the image under an acceptable free license.
  • You can prove that the image is in the public domain, or
  • You believe, and state, a fair use rationale for the specific use of the image that you intend.

You've uploaded at least 11 images in the past year, and have provided none of the above for any of them. Continuing to do this will get the project into trouble from a legal perspective.

For now (to avoid such issues, and until the required detail is provided) I've replaced the image in the Enya article with a free-licensed version from Commons.

FYI. If this were the English project, I would be applying the below warning template to your talk page:

Nuvola apps important.svg Thank you for contributing to Wikipedia. We always appreciate when users upload new images, however, it appears that one 
or more of the images you have recently uploaded, may fail our non-free image policy. Most often, this involves editors 
uploading a copyrighted image of a living person. For other possible reason, please read up on our Non-free image criteria. 
Please note that we take very seriously our criteria on non-free image uploads. If you have any questions please ask them at
the Media copyright questions page.

Beir Bua. Guliolopez 17:08, 11 Nollaig 2007 (UTC)[reply]

"All rights reserved"[athraigh foinse]

Hi Brian. Me again. I have flagged Íomhá:Bradypaul.jpg with a warning template. The image has previously been released (whether by you or someone else, it doesn't matter) as "All rights reserved". Per Either go back and update the status on your page to a free licence, or we will have to delete the image here. Cheers. Guliolopez 21:06, 31 Eanáir 2008 (UTC)[reply]

Your account will be renamed[athraigh foinse]

01:42, 18 Márta 2015 (UTC)

Renamed[athraigh foinse]

07:37, 19 Aibreán 2015 (UTC)