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I will hopefully translate this into Gaeilge soon.

Fáile (agus Teimpléadí)[athraigh foinse]

Haigh Bláca (agus fáilte). Ar dtús, go raibh maith agat as do chuid iarrachtaí ar Port Láirge. Tá jab maith déanta agat anseo! Ach, tá cúpla athruithe déanta agat freisin (le déanaí) le "Teimpléadí" (MS: Teimpléad:!, Teimpléad:IAST, Teimpléad:Cathair na Vatacáine, Teimpléad:Búdachas, agus srl]]). Some of these templates are not entirely correctly formed, and may not be suited in their current form for use in this project. If you need help with the correct formatting to use in a given template, please let me know what your goal is, and I will try and help out. Just leave a message on my Talk page. Le meas. Guliolopez 19:46, 17 Meitheamh 2007 (UTC)

Irish-English dictionary[athraigh foinse]

If I can recommend a good Irish-English dictionary? Yes! You should definitely get a copy of Niall Ó Dónaill's "Foclóir Gaeilge-Béarla". It is relatively up to date (well, more up to date than Tomás de Bhalraithe's English-Irish dictionary) and included lots of grammatial information and examples of usage. But remember: you need the unabridged version. There is a horrible thing called "Gearrfhoclóir" which is the abridged version of Ó Dónaill's dictionary. Don't touch that one with a bargepole. The unabridged one is the one to have. Actually, you can learn a lot of good Irish just by studying the many examples of usage that are found in it. Panu Petteri Höglund 09:53, 25 Meitheamh 2007 (UTC)

Let me however add something. People often talk about "The Dreadful School Irish" (TM). What is dreadful about that school Irish, is not so much the vocabulary, but rather the way how idiomatic expressions and, above all, the syntax and word-order of the language is neglected and too much made out of words and inflectional forms. The annoying thing is, that I don't really know of a satisfactory book that would make it possible to upgrade your syntax easily - it would be not too difficult to write one, actually. I might look into it on my personal page. It is probably the time to resurrect that "Today's Tip from Panu", really. Panu Petteri Höglund 16:58, 6 Iúil 2007 (UTC)