Ón Vicipéid, an chiclipéid shaor.


Stair an Búdachas

Dharmic creideamh
Líne-aimsir an Búdachas
Comhairle Búdaí


Fírinní Uasal Ceathair
Cosán Eightfold Uasal
Búdaí Forghníomhóidh
Nirvāṇa · Seod Trí

Coincheap Eochair

Three marks of existence
Skandha · Cosmology · Dharma
Saṃsāra · Rebirth · Shunyata
Pratitya-samutpada · Karma

Major Figures

Gautama Buddha
Disciples · Later Buddhists

Practices and Attainment

Buddhahood · Bodhisattva
Four Stages of Enlightenment
Paramis · Meditation · Laity


Southeast Asia · East Asia
India · Sri Lanka · Tibet
Western Countries


Theravāda · Mahāyāna
Vajrayāna · Early schools


Pali Canon · Mahayana Sutras
Tibetan Canon

Comparative Studies
Culture · List of Topics
Portal: Búdachas


Teimpléad:Búdachas categorizes major Wikipedia articles on Buddhism into a sidebar.

Usage[athraigh foinse]

This template can be invoked as follows:

{{Buddhism}}transcludes the entire template as shown here.
{{Buddhism|terse=1}}transcludes a condensed template with only subject headers.

The latter method (including the "terse" parameter) is recommended for stubs and other short articles. Alternately, one could use the "footer" version of this template:


Color scheme[athraigh foinse]

The color scheme of this page is based on the varied colors of monastic robes including:

  • the burgundy robes with yellow highlights of Tibetan monastics
  • the black, Confucian, robes of Zen monastics, and Shin ministers
  • the saffron/ochre robes of Theravada monastics
  • the white robes of postulants and lay devotees

Sources[athraigh foinse]

Wikipedia's policy on verifiability states:

"The burden of evidence lies with the editor who adds or restores material. Material that is challenged or likely to be challenged needs a reliable source, which should be cited in the article."

The main article and set of related citations for this template's content is Buddhism. Questions about the reliability or accuracy of this template's concepts should be addressed on that article's talk page. Questions about this template's organzation should be first addressed on this template's talk page.

Since this template is transcluded by dozens of Wikipedia pages and its content is the result of an on-going communal effort, the best way to ensure the long-term acceptance of any proposed change is to first gain consensus for the proposed change on the aforementioned talk pages prior to making the actual change here.