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Bhí sé ag imirt le Sheffield United. How do you put that in Gaeilge?--Manuevertonliverpool 19:37, 28 Aibreán 2008 (UTC)

That's a fine translation. It's slightly more appropriate to use "do" instead of "le" but either is fine; i.e., "Bhí sé ag imirt do Sheffield United" and also to put [[ and ]] around Sheffield United as there'll hopefully be a link to that page in the future.
Also, I'm changing the category name [[Catagóir:Peleadóirí sacair]] to [[Catagóir:Imreoirí sacair]] as it's a more appropriate name. I'd appreciate it if you could use that category in future for any new pages you create.
Beir bua, Nmacu 19:45, 28 Aibreán 2008 (UTC)
Okay,go raibh maith agat!--Manuevertonliverpool 19:47, 28 Aibreán 2008 (UTC)
Tá fáilte romhat. Actually you shouldn't need to worry about the Catagóir thing as that's all sorted in the template that you include on the page. I've just made a change to the template so the once you've got the following declaration on the page, everything should be sorted.
{{Stumpa-peileadóirsacair|Player's name}}
Sorry for the confusion
Beir bua, Nmacu 19:53, 28 Aibreán 2008 (UTC)