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Ón Vicipéid, an chiclipéid shaor.

Cnoc Mhuire[athraigh foinse]

A Éamonn a chara, féach ar [1] freisin... is é "Cnoc Mhuire" an t-ainm oifigiúil ar an mbaile, "An Cnoc" ar an bparóiste. Toisc go bhfuil an t-alt seo faoin, agus nasctha leis an mbaile in Wikidata (féach an nasc sa mbosca eolais), ba mhaith liom an t-athrú a rinne tú a chealú... OK? kscanne (plé) 11:20, 22 Iúil 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Deir a mhalairt! (FéachL ) Ériugena (plé) 20:18, 22 Iúil 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Local authorities warned over placenames in Irish LOCAL authorities have been warned that they cannot have a "carte blanche" to put up signs using any version of placenames in Irish.

The warning came from the Minister of State for Arts, Heritage, Gaeltacht and the Islands, Mr Eamon O Cuiv, who said "we have had a major difficulty with local authorities putting up totally incorrect versions of names".

He was responding to Mr Enda Kenny, Fine Gael's spokesman on arts, heritage, Gaeltacht and the islands, who was concerned that the "Mhuire" had been dropped from "Cnoc Mhuire" as the official Irish name for Knock, Co Mayo.

He asked that placenames and road signs for Knock should be referred to as "Cnoc Mhuire" because this was the accepted translation and local tradition for many years.

The Minister said it was important that the Placenames Commission should provide authorised versions of names and that "we should not change them willy nilly".

It was essential to have a standard authorised version. "For that reasons the proper procedures should be followed. I say that in the context of this case where current usage, especially among Irish speakers, is Cnoc Mhuire, which relates to Knock, Co Mayo." (Tagairt: Ériugena (plé) 20:26, 22 Iúil 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]

  • A Éamoinn a chara, is ó 1999 an t-alt sin. Ar fhéach tú ar an nasc a chuir mé thuas? Is é "Cnoc Mhuire" “ainm deimhnithe” an bhaile ar anois. Is é “An Cnoc” ainm an pharóiste. kscanne (plé) 20:45, 22 Iúil 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]
    Mea culpa, ach ní raibh a fhios agam go raibh "Cnoc Mhuire" deimhnithe!
    Go bhfóire Dia orainn uilig! Ériugena (plé) 14:10, 23 Iúil 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]