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Vicipéid:Bunachar sonraí tuarascálacha/Daoine atá beo ar an vicí seo ach marbh ar vicíonna eile

Ón Vicipéid, an chiclipéid shaor.

This table contains people who have biographies on multiple language versions of Wikipedia, and who have not death category on gawiki but on others.

  1. Check if the interwiki link is correct, if not, remove it (please note, that the interwiki must be removed from all articles otherwise a bot will add it again)
  2. Verify that someone is dead (or not) by an external source (see Wikipedia:Manual of Style (self-references to avoid)#Avoid referring to "Wikipedia"}}
    • Add dead category or a sub category locally
    • or remove dead category at the other wikipedia
  • Format: ga-article (list of wikis categorized as dead)
    †>150: must be dead because the birth category shows that he/she is older than 150 years
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