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Content pages60,277
(All pages in the wiki, including talk pages, redirects, etc.)
Comhaid uaslódáilte1,150
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Page edits since Vicipéid was set up1,216,922
Average edits per page11.60
Staidreamh úsáideora
Cláraithe users (liostaigh baill)61,239
Active users (liostaigh baill)
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Róbónna (liostaigh baill)70
Riarthóirí (liostaigh baill)7
Interface administrators (liostaigh baill)1
Maorlathaigh (liostaigh baill)3
Suppressors (liostaigh baill)0
Maoir (liostaigh baill)0
Cuntas cruthóirí (liostaigh baill)0
Iompórtálaithe (liostaigh baill)0
Iompórtálaithe traisvicí (liostaigh baill)0
Díolúintí coisc IP (liostaigh baill)1
Tar-rolltóirí (liostaigh baill)1
Seiceanna úsáideoir (liostaigh baill)0
Users blocked from the IP Information tool (liostaigh baill)0
Confirmed users (liostaigh baill)12
Other statistics
Words in all content pages9,571,701

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