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LiamÓ 13:37, 5 Márta 2007 (UTC)

Measaim féin gur clú bocht atá i gceist anseo gan amhras ar bith, Gulio. An féidir leat an alt sin a léimh, agus ansin tar ar ais liom.

LiamÓ 13:38, 30 Márta 2007 (UTC)

Haigh Liam. Leigh mé an alt "Shell reputational issues", agus - i ndiadh sin - rinne mé iarracht stíl níos "neodrach" a úsáid san alt anseo. My note in the edit summary was simply intended to highlight why I felt a minor reword was needed. So, instead of saying "Shell have a bad record in this area" (which is commentary) I just reworded to highlight the facts. In that way the reader (and not the writer) can interpret for themselves what Shell's record is. The guidelines of Wikipedia are pretty straight forward in this area: Stick to the facts and avoid commentary. (To the extent - as you might note - that the article you refer to on the EN WP has been renamed to a more NPOV title!). Le meas. Guliolopez 13:58, 30 Márta 2007 (UTC)

Cén fáth a chuir tú na "..." ar "imníthe shláinte, sábháilteacht agus truailliú"? Aontaíonn nó ná aontaíonn thú, tá na imníthe sin ag alán daoine.

LiamÓ 14:17, 30 Márta 2007 (UTC)

Is comharthaí athfhriotail iad. Chuirtear comharthaí athfhriotail nuair a mbíonn caint dhíreach i gceist.
The words within the quotation marks represent a statement made by ShellChunSáile. Quotations go in quotation marks.
So that a reader would understand WHY ShellChunSáile are against the development, I put in their reasons. However, because it's THEIR reasons and THIER opinion I left it in quotes.
(FYI - It is irrelevant whether you/I/or "alán daoine" believe the statement to be true or not. If it cannot be proven as fact, verified and referenced, it shouldn't be in WP).
Le meas. Guliolopez 15:03, 30 Márta 2007 (UTC)

Níor scríobh mé go raibh na h-imníthe fíor, scríobh mé go raibh siad ann. Tá difríocht eadarthu.

LiamÓ 16:33, 30 Márta 2007 (UTC)

Básanna[athraigh foinse]

Nuair a scríobh mé 800, ní raibh an ceart agam. An féidir leatsa an alt a cheartadh, Gulio?

  • "An eventual total of around 100,000 internal refugees and an estimated 2,000 civilian deaths was recorded." [1]
  • "When the Ogoni mobilised in 1993, with Ken Saro-Wiwa leading the grassroots rebellion, 2,000 people were killed, with an estimated 80,000 made homeless in the next couple of years." [2]
  • "They razed 30 villages, arrested hundreds of protesters, and killed an estimated 2,000 people." [3]

LiamÓ 18:00, 25 Aibreán 2007 (UTC)