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Ón Vicipéid, an chiclipéid shaor.
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Must be renamed as "na Stáit Nordacha" (grammar). Besides, if we already have "Críoch Lochlann", what do we need this page for?Panu Petteri Höglund 11:13, 24 Eanáir 2008 (UTC)

I suppose it depends on how you define '"Críoch Lochlainn" and "na Stáit Nordach". In the strictest definition Scandinavia is Denmark, Norway and Sweden. In a broader sense it can include Iceland, Finland and the Faroe Islands. Only in the maximum extent can it also include Greenland. According to the latter definition only then can it be synonomous with the Nordic States. MacTire01 11:48, 24 Eanáir 2008 (UTC)
Anyway, correct grammar is Na Stáit Nordacha.Panu Petteri Höglund 23:15, 1 Feabhra 2008 (UTC)