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Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj is one of India's foremost spiritual teachers. He teaches that the aim of human life is only to attain selfless Divine love the supreme form of God. Knowing this, he says that one must develop a deep desire to selflessly serve God and love God and develop a personal relationship with God, rather than the mere act of worshipping Him through rituals and emotionless routines.

In July 2007 scores of Irish people traversed the Irish sea to personally meet him during his world tour. They all gained invaluably from his teachings and his holy association.

This page is created in Gaelic, the ancient langauge of the Irish people in order to learn a little more about him and his teachings.

By the way it's been a while since i've spoken Gaelic on a regular basis so don't rely on my grammer being perfect. I would appreciate if someone could do any coorections needed. Thanks.

Dms9 09:06, 20 Lúnasa 2007 (UTC)

Hi Dms9. And welcome to the project. A couple of quick notes to help highlight some of the guidelines and policies here, and their application to this article.
Firstly, your note above suggests that this page is created to promote the teachings of the Jagadguru. This is inappropriate under the What Wikipedia is not guidelines. You may want to consider reading the relevant guidelines - specifically those relating to the expectation that: "Wikipedia is not for propaganda, advocacy, or recruitment of any kind: commercial, political, religious, or otherwise.". An objective article about the Jagadguru is fine, but a "promotion" piece (which includes attached statements like "one must develop a deep desire to selflessly serve Him and love Him and develop a personal relationship with Him") is wholly inappropriate under the Wikipedia's guidelines.
Secondly, some of the assertions made in this article (like "they were delighted with his knowledge of scripture") need both reword to temper the POV (to something like "they are said to have been impressed...") AND supporting sources are required. Please consider reading the policy guidelines for en:Wikipedia:Verifiability and en:Help:Describing points of view.
Finally, I have flagged the redirect from Guru for delete. This redirect inappropriate, as there is more than one meaning for this term. (Compare how INCREDIBLY inappropriate it would be to redirect "God" to an article about the Christian God.)
Happy editing. Guliolopez 10:30, 20 Lúnasa 2007 (UTC)

Ya but i said that this page was "in order to learn a little more about him and his teachings."

What is the purpose of an encyclopedia but to learn a little more about a topic :-> Anyway, i've provided references now.

You totally misunderstood what i said above. I reworded it to avoid any confusion.. The phrase "one must develop a deep desire to selflessly serve Him and love Him and develop a personal relationship with Him" is consistent with his teachings that "one must desire to selflessly serve God, love God and develop a personal relationship with God." This is the essence of his teachings, without which, any description of his teachings would be void. Dms9 14:07, 20 Lúnasa 2007 (UTC)

OK. Firstly, thanks for the sources. That will help a lot.
Secondly, apologies if I misinterpretted your (original) note above. However - frankly - this highlights the need to focus on "The Guru says that you must do X", or "in Christianity it is taught that you must do X", or whatever. Rather than simply "You must do X". As above, see: en:Help:Describing points of view.
Thirdly, I note that you reintroduced the adjective "torthiuil" into the "is údar é" statement. Describing an author as "prolific" or "great" or "prominent" or whatever is commentary. Keep it simple/factual, note that "he is an author", and let the rest of it speak for itself.
And - finally - after rethinking, I have created a page for Gurú which highlights the different interpretations. (Instead of just deleting).
Le meas. (Agus beir bua!) Guliolopez 14:37, 20 Lúnasa 2007 (UTC)

Thanks for your suggestions. I have removed torthiuil etc. I have kept with the facts. I also added to the Guru article but i will add more later. Dms9 16:18, 20 Lúnasa 2007 (UTC)

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