Plé:Gaeltacht Bhóthar Sheoighe

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Ón Vicipéid, an chiclipéid shaor.

Tá brón orm ach is cainteoir Gaeilge na hAlban mé ach níl mórán Gaeilge na hÉirean agam agus mar sin caithfidh mé scríobh as Bearla: I think there is some confusion here between the Gaeltacht Quarter (An Cheathru Ghaeltachta) and the Shaw's Road Gaeltacht which is further down the road and is a related, but older and separate development. In fact, Shaw's Road resident, Aodán Mac Póilin raises this point in his latest article, cited on the page. Shaw's road is not actually within the boundaries of the new Gaeltacht Quarter, and while it is cited in some of the Gaeltacht Quarter literature, it is a separate initiative. 11:45, 1 Meitheamh 2008 (UTC)TimReply[reply]