Moe Goes from Rags to Riches

Ón Vicipéid, an chiclipéid shaor.
Moe Goes from Rags to Riches
Eipeasóid The Simpsons
Uimh. eipeasóid 498
Cód táirgeachta PABF05
Dáta craolta 29 Eanáir 2012
Scríobhneoir Tim Long
Stiúrthóir Bob Anderson
Eipeasóidí sa sraith 23
  1. "The Falcon and the D'ohman"
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  12. "Moe Goes from Rags to Riches"
  13. "The Daughter Also Rises"
  14. "At Long Last Leave"
  15. "Exit Through the Kwik-E-Mart"
  16. "How I Wet Your Mother"
  17. "Them, Robot"
  18. "Beware My Cheating Bart"
  19. "A Totally Fun Thing That Bart Will Never Do Again"
  20. "The Spy Who Learned Me"
  21. "Ned 'n Edna's Blend"
  22. "Lisa Goes Gaga"

Craoladh an dara heipeasóid déag, "Moe Goes from Rags to Riches", den tríú sraith is fiche The Simpsons ar an 29 Eanáir 2012. Scríobh Tim Long an eipeasóid seo. D'fhéach 5.12 milliún duine ar an eipeasóid.

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