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''However, this origin legend was written (or composed) in the second quarter of the 8ú century, to seal their alliance with the [[Uí Néill an Tuaiscirt]].
===Teacht stairiúil chun cinn===
===Historical emergence===
''The earliest reference to the Airgíalla occurs in the Annals of Tigernach under the year 677, where the death of Dunchad mac Ultan, ''"[[Rí]] Oigriall"'', is noted. However, it is suspected of being a retrospective interpolation. On the other hand, the entry in the Annals of Ulster under the year 697 which lists Mael Fothataig mac Mael Dub as ''"Rex na nAirgialla"'' may indeed be genuine. Both Mael Fothatag and his son, Eochu Lemnae (died 704), are listed among the guarantors of the ''"[[Cáin AdomnáinAdhamhnáin]]"'' in 697. Thus it is believed that the Airgíalla were probably in existence as an entity by then, or certainly by the opening years of the 8th century.
===8ú–12ú haoiseanna===

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