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|s1 = Kingdom of Ireland
|flag_s1 = Arms of Ireland (Historical).svg
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|image_map_caption = Oriel before the [[Norman invasion of Ireland]]
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|capital =
|today = {{flag|Ireland}}<br>{{flag|United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland}}
|common_languages = [[Middle Irish]], [[Irish language|Early Modern Irish]], [[Latin]]
| religion = [[Gaelic Christianity]]<br>[[Catholic Christianity]]<br>[[Celtic paganism|Gaelic tradition]]
|government_type = [[Tanistry]]
|title_leader = [[Kings of Airgíalla|Rí]]
|leader2 = [[Rossa Buidhe Mac Mathghamhna]]
|year_leader2 = 1579–1585
|stat_year1 =
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|footnotes =
'''Airgíalla'''<ref>pronunciation:</ref> ([[Irish language|Modern Irish]]: '''Oirialla''', English: '''Oriel''',<ref>Ulster Irish to English Dictionary</ref> Latin: ''Ergallia'') was a medieval Irish [[Provinces of Ireland|over-kingdom]] and the collective name for the confederation of tribes that formed it. The confederation consisted of nine minor-kingdoms, all independent of each other but paying nominal [[suzerainty]] to an [[overking]], usually from the most powerful dynasty.<ref name="ConnollyPg12"/> Airgíalla at its peak roughly matched the modern [[List of Catholic dioceses in Ireland|dioceses]] of [[Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Armagh|Armagh]] and [[Roman Catholic Diocese of Clogher|Clogher]], spanning parts of [[Counties of Ireland|counties]] [[County Armagh|Armagh]], [[County Monaghan|Monaghan]], [[County Louth|Louth]], [[County Fermanagh|Fermanagh]], [[County Tyrone|Tyrone]] and [[County Londonderry|Londonderry]].<ref name="ConnollyPg12"/> Its main towns were [[Armagh]] and [[Clogher]]. The name's usage survives as a cultural area of folk tradition in South East Ulster and adjoining areas of County Louth.
[[Íomhá|mion|lár|250px|Oriel before the [[Norman invasion of Ireland]]]]
According to legend, Airgíalla was founded by the [[Three Collas]],<ref name="ConnollyPg12"/> who are said to have conquered what is now central [[Ulster]] from the [[Ulaid]]. The decisive victory was the battle of [[Achaidh Leithdeircc|Achadh Leithdheirg]], said to have been fought around the year 331. However, this tale is thought to be mostly fiction, and the actual year and circumstances of how the Airgíalla confederation came about is unknown.

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