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Originally thought to have been under the dominance of the neighbouring Ulaid to the east, the territory of the Airgíalla from the 6th century onwards was gradually eroded by the encroachment of their northern neighbours, the Cenél nEógain of the [[Northern Uí Néill]],<ref name="DuffyEncyclopediaPg14"/> as well as the [[Southern Uí Néill]] to their south. From 735 they fell under the dominance of the Cenél nEógain, and by 827 had become their vassals.<ref name="DuffyEncyclopediaPg14"/> The kingdom of Airgíalla was at its peak in the 12th century, under king [[Donnchad Ua Cerbaill]]. The later constricted kingdom of Airgíalla survived in Monaghan—which was known as Oirghialla and Oriel after the [[Norman Invasion of Ireland]]—under the [[McMahon|Mac Mathghamhna]], until the end of the [[Gaelic Ireland|Gaelic order in Ireland]].<ref name="ConnollyPg12"/>
''Airgíalla'' may mean "those who give hostages" or "the hostage givers", and refers to both the Irish over-kingdom of Airgíalla, and the confederation of tribes that formed it.<ref name="ConnollyPg12"/><ref name="DuffyEncyclopediaPg13"/> It is commonly Anglicised as Oriel; however, archaic Angliciations include: Uriel, Orial, Orgialla, Orgiall, Oryallia, and Ergallia.<ref>cf. ''Airgialla'', ''Uriel'', ''Orial'', ''Orgialla'', ''Orgiall'', ''Oryallia'', ''Ergallia'', srl.</ref>

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