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! style="width:19%;" scope="col" | [[Ricky Wilson]]
|style="background:#BFFFC0;" | '''[[Jermain Jackman]]'''<br /><small>Sophie-May Williams<br />Iesher Haughton</small>
|<small>[[Jamie Johnson]]<br />Lee Glasson<br />Rachael O'Connor</small>
|<small>[[Sally Barker]]<br />Bizzi Dixon<br />Georgia Harrup</small>
|<small>[[Christina Marie]]<br />Chris Royal<br />Emily Adams</small>
! rowspan="2" style="width:5%;" | [[The Voice UK (sraith 4)|Ceathair]]
! style="width:19%;" scope="col" | [[Ricky Wilson]]
|<small>[[Lucy O'Byrne]]<br>Sheena McHugh<br>Vikesh Champaneri</small>
|<small>Karis Thomas<br>Joe Woolford<br>Clark Carmody</small>
|<small>Sasha Simone<br>Howard Rose<br>Lara Lee</small>
| style="background:#BFFFC0;" | '''[[Stevie McCrorie]]'''<br><small>Emmanuel Nwamadi<br>Autumn Sharif</small>
! rowspan="2" style="width:5%;" | [[The Voice UK (sraith 5)|Cúig]]
! style="width:19%;" scope="col" | [[Ricky Wilson]]
|<small>[[Lydia Lucy]]<br>Lyrickal<br>Lauren Lapsley-Browne</small>
|<small>Jordan Gray<br>Heather Cameron-Hayes<br>Beth Morris</small>
|<small>Cody Frost<br>Vangelis Polydorou<br>Harry Fisher</small>
| style="background:#BFFFC0;" | '''[[Kevin Simm]]'''<br><small>[[Jolan]]<br>Chloe Castro</small>
! rowspan="2" style="width:5%;" | [[The Voice UK (sraith 6)|Sé]]
! style="width:19%;" scope="col" | [[Gavin Rossdale]]
|<small>Michelle John<br />Jason Jones<br />Tanya Lacey</small>
|style="background:#BFFFC0;" | '''[[Mo Adeniran]]'''<br /><small>Jamie Miller<br />Jack Bruley</small>
|<small>Into The Ark<br />Craig Ward<br />Nadine McGhee</small>
|<small>Truly Ford<br />Max Vickers<br />Sarah Morgan</small>
! rowspan="2" style="width:5%;" | [[The Voice UK (sraith 7)|Seacht]]


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