An difríocht idir athruithe ar: "Plé úsáideora:Réaltaeolais"

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:The sentence you use in the U.S. county articles about area can be improved. There are several ways to say it more correctly, but I haven't settled myself on the best concise, encyclopedic way. Maybe someone else can weigh in before I do.
:Your articles about U.S. counties (a seemingly endless category) have been succeeded in avoiding many of the problems we have had in the past when others started similar projects. (They began with the northeastern US and the Maritimes of Canada, you have probably noticed.) Those articles were too short, while yours have enough info. and text as to almost reach non-''síol'' status, in other words, more useful to readers. The shorter articles in the past were such a problem that the Scots Gaelic Wikipedia deleted them all from their Wikipedia and instituted a strict set of rules for new articles: one week for an article to be brought up to non-stub class, I believe. ThanksSo thanks for avoiding this. In my own opinion, articles on smaller counties are not as important as adding more quality to other articles, ach cé'n dochar? We have a couple of Australian communities so small that they don't have articles on the English Wikipedia. You or I or others may add text and images to the larger and/or more interesting counties, and the templates should draw a few readers to them. That is my own feedback on your work. Others may comment too. Achan rath ar an obair! [[Úsáideoir:SeoMac|SeoMac]] ([[Plé úsáideora:SeoMac|plé]]) 20:29, 30 Meitheamh 2017 (UTC)
::Tá an t-alt faoi [[Contae Cherokee, Alabama|Chontae Cherokee, Alabama]] go deas. Chuir tú a lán oibre ann!


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