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Féach, nílím in ann cinneadh a dhéanamh faoin scéal [[Alba]]/[[Albain]], mar nílím cinnte faoin ainm is cirte. Ach tá sé ar thaispeáint agat nach bhfuil tú sásta glac le conas mar a fheidmíonn an Vicipéid. Muna bhfuil tú sásta an scéal a phlé ar an leathanach plé, ní féidir leat an t-ábhar a tharraingt anonn is anall as ainm amháin go hainm eile, mar cuirtear mearbhall ar an stair athruithe. Tá an glas ann anois chun an stair athruithe a chosaint - níl sé ann chun stádas a thabhairt do [[Alba]] nó [[Albain]]. Caithfear an scéal a phlé ar an leathanach plé, nó gan aon rud a dhéanamh. --[[Úsáideoir:Gabriel Beecham|Gabriel Beecham]] 22:44, 9 Lúnasa 2005 (UTC)
== Wikizine ==
Hi, I am [[w:nl:gebruiker:Walter]] of the dutch Wikipedia. I am writing you because your are listed as ambassador of your wiki. I have something to say that I think you will find useful and possibly others of your wiki also.
You know it is not easy for the members of a local wiki to be informed about what is going on in the higher levels of the Wikimedia family. This because of the language problem and the high level of fragmentation of places where you can find information.
I am now making a weekly news letter (Wikizine) that attempts to provide the news of the Wikimedia projects. The concept is to list only a very short description of the news an give the relevant url to the subject. I want it to be short, only give the news that is important for all projects. The target audience include the ambassadors. It is for people who are interested in what it going on outside there own wiki. I emphasize on the news that is practical-technical. The information comes form several "news"-pages on several wikis, the mailinglists and IRC. There will be news I can not discover. If you have news found somewhere or from you own wiki please let my know. wikizine AT
I can only create one version in something that supposed to be English. I count on the readers to inform there local wiki about the news in there own language.
Wikizine is send by use of the mailinglist Announce-l. It is only used for this. So people can subscribe without being swamped by emails like the lists.
I hope that you and others of your wiki will subscribe to Wikizine and give feedback. So that Wikizine can become really a source where Wikimedians can find out what is going on. Greetings, [[w:nl:gebruiker:Walter]] ''PS: do not repond here. I will not see it.''
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