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Ón Vicipéid, an chiclipéid shaor.
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Date of birth[athraigh foinse]

(Sorry this is in English!) There are two different dates of birth in the six language versions of this article: 4 March 1853 in the English ('4 March'), Polish ('4. marca'), Swedish ('4 mars') and Irish ('4 Márta') versions, and 13 April 1853 in the Scottish Gaelic ('an tritheamh là deug dhen Ghiblean' = 'the thirteenth day of April') and German ('13. April') ones. Can someone find out which date is right and arrange for the necessary changes to be made? I've also posted this comment (in English, with apologies!) on the talk pages of the other five versions. 15:10, 31 Iúil 2017 (UTC)